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A solid foundation is the back-bone of any institution. Yashmay Public School strives to inculcate self-discipline, confidence, traditional values, integrity and all round life skills in our children. We at Yashmay aim to equip our children with all the necessary tools required to face the outside world. 

The educational fraternity works round the clock paying special emphasis to the overall development of a student. The pedagogy stresses on the usage of multiple teaching methods within a classroom. 

The modern pedagogies involve inquiry based learning and Hands-on holistic approach depending on the demand of the lessons and learner's capabilities. Value - based and Application based learnings are essential in order to help ignite the cognitive and creative skills. Yashmay strongly discourages plagiarism and emphasises on the importance of independent thinking. 

Yashmay imparts Skill and Value based education, which enables students to master at least one skill and sport. The school has been beautifully designed offering Science and Technology Labs, Fine Arts Lab, Sculpting Lab, Pottery Making Lab, Multimedia Lab, Robotics Lab, Language Lab, EVS Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Geography Lab. 

Our intricately designed pedagogy has helped us easily adapt to the New Education Policy. Our teachers have presented themselves as the facilitators for assisting the students to understand their strengths and weaknesses. 

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The ready to learn, free spirited pure hearts are the sole essence of Yashmay. Here at Yashmay we emphasise insightful learning. The Students are always encouraged towards independent thinking and creative writing. They are exposed to various classroom competitions, with regular Club activities that help them to know the various fields and  find a suitable interest. The MONTESSORI teaching method helps give wings to their imagination and visual concepts.


Primary Year
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At Yashmay the Middle School Years (Grade 5-10) provide a stepping stone on which young leaders build a promising future. Our Yashminans are comprehensively and delicately nurtured to excel in all aspects of life. 


They are groomed to have strong virtues and shoulder major school responsibilities thorough their roles as Student Councils, assistants in school programmes, incharge of disciplinary duties in the school’s daily routines and many more.


We encourage our Yashminians by awarding them titles such as Most Disciplined Yashminian, Yashmay’s True Spirit and many more in order to encourage them and introduce them to the concept of self discipline and leadership. 


Our Yashminians are exposed to various club activities such as MULTIMEDIA,  STEM, ENPRINTS, MUN, THEATRE, ELOCUTION, DEBATE and numerous other co-curricular activities in the form of inter-house competitions in order to help each child realise their individual inclination and groom it to excellence.  


We at Yashmay take the mental health of our students very seriously as it is in the teen years that children hone their sense of self worth. Children face numerous challenges in the school environment. Some manage it better than the others. Our Yashminans are provided with regular counselling sessions along with Yoga and Meditation sessions in order to encourage dialogue and help empower students 


The Middle School provides an engaging and challenging environment in order to hone kids into well groomed young adults. 

Middle Year

Competitive Classes

Yashmay offers special coaching classes for students who are preparing for competitive exams.

We also offer career counselling sessions by professionals so that that students are able to choose the right subject combination to achieve their desired goal. 

Competitive Classes

Career Counselling

Yashmay offers professional career counselling to our Grade 9-12 students. Thus, enabling kids to introspect their abilities and decide what subjects will help them achieve their goals. 

A healthy counselling session with an on call professional counsellor helps students introspect their abilities and decide subjects that are best to help them achieve their goals. 

A professional career counsellor guides the students and gives them insightful knowledge of the options available to them after they finish their schooling. Yashmay helps students choose a field that is in tune with their skills and job expectations. 

A thorough career counselling session helps Yashminans choose the right career path which helps them perform their level best, thus helping them succeed in their future endeavours.

Career Counselling
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