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Food plays a crucial role in the development of the body and mind. Yashmay ensures students have a healthy and balanced diet. We urge our students to start their day on a healthy note. Our Boarders start their day with Almonds. Our day scholars are encouraged to eat healthy at home, while at the same time they have the option of availing the food facility provided by the school. At 10 AM each day the school has a fruit break.


The students are encouraged to eat one fruit a day. Lunch break is between 1 to 1:30 PM. Our teachers ensure that the students eat healthy and make it a point that they speak to their mothers if the child is bringing the same food everyday. A change in vegetables is a must. The students staying back after school are provided with an evening snack and a health drink. 

Our boarders end their day with a glass of turmeric milk for high immunity. 

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